Welcome to the Roundhay Liberal Democrats Page. Here you can find out more about what we are doing locally and about our candidates for the forthcoming Local Elections on May 3rd 2018. Contact us by email at Roundhay2018@leedsenelibdems.org.uk

Our Local Team is working hard for you to enhance the role of the community of Roundhay and Oakwood within the Council, where we believe that residents voice is seldom listened to.

For the latest campaigning news visit our Facebook Site - Roundhay and Oakwood Focus

Our Roundhay & Oakwood Team is led by

Jon Hannah

Jon is the Chair of Leeds East and North East Liberal Demorats, he also ran as Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds North East in the General Election 2017. A former Senior Manager in the NHS and Department of Health Jon now spends his time campaigning to put communities in control of local decisions and enhancing liberal values.

Rory Mason

Rory is the Social Media and Communications Officer for Leeds East and North East. A serial entrepeneur Rory has now turned his focus to helping our local community. He seeks to ensure that decisions in relation to housing, green space and children are made based on their ability to enhance Roundhay and Oakwood.

Najeeb Iqbal

Najeeb is a local businessman working in security. He is keen to see an increasing role for older people within our community and keen to stop the ongoing attempts by the Council to privatise care homes in our area.