Jon Hannah

Jon Hannah - Chair, Leeds East and North East

Jon is the Chair of the Liberal Democrats for Leeds East and North East and was the Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds North East in General Election 2017. Previously a Senior Manager in the NHS and Department of Health, Jon now campaigns locally to enhance the role of local communities in decision making within Leeds City Council.

With a number of children at school in Roundhay he takes a strong interest in plans to ensure that their are sufficient quality places and that schools are producing high quality outcomes for all students. Nationally Jon is a passionate campaigner recognised for his work on issues of health and care and supporting a Final Say referendum and the proper treatment of all EU Citizens resident in our country.

During the Local Elections in Leeds in 2018 Jon will be campaigning to become a highly competent, pragmatic councillor who works first for the community. He is very open and loves engaging with residents, if you wish to learn more about his views please visit his Blog Page

Jon Says -

"I want to be clear, I am Pro-EU, Pro-PR, Pro-Transparency and accountability, Pro public services, Pro-Equality.

I am anti-fascist, anti-tribalism, anti-harassment.

If you can't get with that, do not vote for me!"