Ed Sanderson, Liberal Democrat candidate for Leeds East

May 17, 2017 9:30 PM

Ed Sanderson, Liberal Democrat candidate for Leeds EastEd has been a member of the Liberal Democrats for 14 years. He lives was born in Leeds, and lives in the city, working as a solicitor, with a specialism in Family Law. He has a strong passion for Leeds and its citizens. He wants everyone in East Leeds whatever their start in life to be able to make a better life for themselves, their family and their community.

If elected, Ed will work to bring more jobs to East Leeds to give everyone a decent standard of living.

Ed is tenacious and will fight hard for the rights of the residents of East Leeds and will be the MP it needs and deserves. He is committed to helping people build a strong economy around the local community and will focus on providing sustainable apprenticeships, youth unemployment and adult training to make sure that jobs stay in the area.
Ed will ensure residents in East Leeds get the care the deserve by working closely with health workers and the Council.
Ed believes that it is his vocation to give help and support to people who need it most.