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    • Leeds East and North East Liberal Democrats Campaign Launch picnic (Mike MacSween)
      Article: Apr 29, 2017

      Campaign Launch Picnic in Roundhay Park

      Here is Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Leed North East, Jon Hannah, flanked by some of our members and supporters.

    • Article: Jan 25, 2017

      The law is failing women who are being told to wear high heels and reapply make-up in the workplace, the Liberal Democrat have said.

      A Parliamentary report on high heels and workplace dress codes has found many women are subjected to discrimination in the workplace.

      Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson Lorely Burt said: "It is frankly unbelievable that we are having to even have this conversation in this day and age but these reports have highlighted how women continue to be discriminated against in the workplace - this time about the way they dress.

    • Article: Jan 24, 2017

      The Liberal Democrats have attacked the government's industrial strategy, revealing that many sectors face a potential loss of funding due to uncertainty over Britain's future relationship with Europe.

      Chris Fox, Liberal Democrat industrial spokesperson, said: "The biggest danger facing British Industry is the loss of access to the Single Market and the possible loss of membership of the Customs Union.

    • Article: Jan 24, 2017

    • Article: Jan 24, 2017

      The Liberal Democrats will vote against Article 50 unless the people are given their say on the final deal.

      Commenting on today's Article 50 judgement at the Supreme Court, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: "I welcome today's judgement. But this court case was never about legal arguments, it was about giving the people a voice, a say, in what happens next.