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    • Survey: Nov 15, 2017
      5 questions

      We want to hear from you! How could we improve our area? What are your concerns and how can we help?

      - Chris, Ian and your local Lib Dem team

    • Survey: Oct 25, 2017
      14 questions

      The Liberal Democrats are working hard to improve Leeds, we are keen to learn more about the issues that affect you and our local area so that we can work on behalf of and with the community to enhance everyones experience of where we live.

      If you would be willing to fill in our survey, which should only take aroun 10 minutes we would be very grateful.

    • Petition: Jun 21, 2017

      The General Election in June 2017 was hard fought in Leeds North East, but ultimately won by a considerable distance by Labour and Fabian Hamilton MP.

      During the campaign as I stood alongside him Fabian made repeated commitments about his stance on EU citizens and preference for a Soft Brexit. This is something that undoubtably led to a large number of voters feeling comfortable voting for Labour in Leeds North East, so as to resist the Hard Tory Brexit that would have a catastrophic effect on the public sector and make austerity worse.

    • Article: Jun 7, 2017

      The final item of the motion passed by the Liberal Democrat spring conference is:

      "...selection in admissions on the basis of religion or belief to state-funded schools is phased out over up to six years."

      The full motion is here:

    • Ed Sanderson, Liberal Democrat candidate for Leeds East
      Article: May 17, 2017

      Ed has been a member of the Liberal Democrats for 14 years. He lives was born in Leeds, and lives in the city, working as a solicitor, with a specialism in Family Law. He has a strong passion for Leeds and its citizens. He wants everyone in East Leeds whatever their start in life to be able to make a better life for themselves, their family and their community.